Solit offers a fully integrated solution for Traders and Bunker companies.

Oiltrace offers extended functionality for planning, processing, recording and reporting of data related to product movements and activities helping you to reduce risks and costs

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Time is money…. For sure this is applicable for the transport market and storage and transshipment companies. For storage or trading of customs related products the registration of the stored goods and movements, related to the orders is essential. Also planning and executing the ship (un-) loading process requires special attention.

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Our integrated solution for business control, logistical and administrative processing provides the following advantages:

ERP functionality related to stock management, customs and reporting is included.
ERP integration not required

Structured control/checks related to deliveries

Reduction of administrative personnel and as such operational costs

Product responsibility, the delivery of “documented evidence”

Prevent claims due to ship waiting time

Traceability of product movements

Improvement of communication between business associates (internal/external) and terminal operations

Reduction of tuning/agreement costs

Quick administrative accounting for invoicing and customs declaration

Structured reporting

The Solit solution is based on:

Consultancy control, logistics and administrative processes

Project management Oiltrace:

Order (nomination) handling

Order receipt, planning and invoicing

Customs declaration and reporting

Stock management, incl. customs declaration

Real-time administrative stock.

Oiltrace trading software

Integrated planning, order receipt, administrative processing and reporting provides value add to oil trading companies.

Oiltrace by Solit supports the personnel with all administrative steps for product movements and operations at a trading company, integrated into a smart and flexible system. It supports the administrative activities, from order receipt, order planning, loading/unloading up to the financial settlement, customs declaration, administrative stock control, stock reporting, customer reporting, management reporting, document handling and invoicing. The system provides you at each moment of time the applicable data. Actual and appropriate data is the base for good decision-making. In depth notion of the actual operations supports better operation and higher efficiency.

Oiltrace provides a complete solution for the announcing, planning, processing and recording of nominations such as Ship loading/unloading, Ship– ship, truck and railway car loading/unloading, tank–tank and blending

The following functions are available:

  • Order (nomination) intake (Web based) and processing
  • Purchase registration, each purchase can contain many liftings, there are several different pricing methods which also can be mixed
  • Offers, giving a quick overview of offered prices and quantities to be purchased
  • Sales, contains all required details about delivery and invoicing. The bunkering declaration to customs can be sent directly from the program. Contracts are available, offering a customer pricing over several sales.
  • Transfers, for registration of transfer from one storage location (bunker-ship) to another storage location.
  • Purchase and sale planning/overview
  • Administrative stock management for customs
  • Stock- and nomination status and invoices reporting to customers
  • Time sheet and logging
  • Registration of ship and tank data measurements
  • Operational reporting
  • Generation of ship, truck and railway car transport and customs documents such as AGD, T1 and CMR documents. Also bunkering declarations can be sent from the application
  • Invoicing, the invoice is produced with 1 click on a button in the sale
  • After scanning, all paper documents can be stored in the application for easy access.

Solit offers a fully integrated solution for Traders and Bunker companies.

Tracking & tracing and administrative reporting according to the customs and business associates requirements is a complex process for storage, import & export of bulk liquids. Based on the amount of product movements and the responsibility of the trader, dictated by the government, it is essential to have an appropriate planning and registration of activities and product movements. Specifically traders under customs regulations are confronted with extended responsibility and reporting requirements of their product movements.

Customs demands an electronic registration including traceability of the underlying information.

Oiltrace offers extended functionality for planning, processing, recording and reporting of data related to product movements and activities helping you to reduce risks and costs

Oiltrace trading software

For the control of trading operations Solit can supply different technologies. Dependent of the points of departure Solit will propose the “best fit” solution. In case of revamping and expansions the flexibility of Solit with reference to the technology applied is of value add.

Solit application development b.v. supplies a total solution for the control, logistical and administrative processing of your trading and bunkering operations.

Apart from the standard solutions being supplied the knowledge and experience of out staff is very important. With many years of experience in oil trading software, our company provides you with a clear view of your processes and applicable related information flows.

Solit supplies the knowledge and experience in the area of operational control, logistical- and administrative processing and customs declaration.